On Friday we were fortunate enough to meet a French film producer, Anne Bramard-Blagny of ABB Reportages, who is based here in Dijon. Bramard-Blagny has made around 150 documentaries and written countless articles. She worked as a journalist for a newspaper in Lyon. She also created an association called the Friends of 7, which is dedicated to maintaining a cultural and artistic atmosphere at the Hôtel Maleteste and in Dijon, by hosting concerts and other types of cultural events in the courtyard of the “hotel.”

We visited the hotel and had a tour, guided by Bramard-Blagny’s jolly husband. During the visit, he showed us a part of the house built in the middle ages, as well as a wall that used to separate the city of Dijon from the outside – which used old stones from the third century A.D.! We also went upstairs and saw the very fancy and ornate old furniture.

The cobblestone courtyard had a small raised garden area with white stone sculptures and trimmed trees. Yellow roses hung from the second story in one corner and red roses, on a diagonal from the yellow, grew off the garden and in front of the oldest section of the house.

Anne invited us to come to the Friends of 7 event happening that night – which happened to be a Bolivian-themed party. A fair number of us, maybe 14 or so, ended up going.

The event was quite nice; we all sat sipping our wine or shots colored like the Bolivian flag (red, yellow and green), while listening to traditional Bolivian music. The charming string melodies danced in the quaint courtyard.

I had a lovely time, until it started to get really cold and windy. As it got later, I left with a few people and went back to the hotel. Overall, Friday was a great day!

Some photos:

wall with windows at the hotel maleteste

crowd for the bolivia event in the courtyard

one of the musical acts

table with food, in front of oldest part of house

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