Hi all, 

I wanted to share a poem that I wrote last week. Hope you find something of value.


Colorful Again

Medellin, Aug 2023


Someone told me

that the silver lining

was not worth the burden

of the dark cloud

that it surrounds.

But then, is the rainbow

not worth the storm

that precedes it?


Sometimes life is hard,

and we must go through it

in order to see 

the beauty on the other end.


What do you get when

reason and emotion



Pain, struggle, blurry vision,

disappointment, frustration.


But what can we do to

find alignment?

find clarity?

find peace?

find ourselves?

find our next steps and

create the new chapter of

ups and downs?


Because there will always be

peaks and valleys…


Because perfect doesn’t exist.

Ideals are illusions

that we like to pretend

can be real.


But reality is not

a primary color.

Reality is the mixing and blending,

the combining of neighboring shades.


Reality is chartreuse,

neither green, nor yellow –

yet – somehow both,

but either way, a perfect color.


It’s already perfect – 

life is as perfect as chartreuse.

It is already beautiful.


No one asks for illness.

No one asks for loss.

No one asks for heartbreak

or pain or struggle or

financial challenges…

No one asks for addiction

or war or famine or


No one asks for life altering injury 

or to be an orphan.

No one asked to be brought

to Auschwitz or to get COVID, 

or to lose everything in a fire or

natural disaster.

No one asked to lose their job. 

No one asked to be born into

the circumstances in which

they were born.


Yet, we can all prevail.


We can all come together,

to help where we can.

To help ourselves or to help others.


No one alive, 

asked to be born.

But, we were all given

the gift of life.


We all start from different places – 

but really 

we are all the same 

in the end.


We all feel pain. 

We all can find peace and joy 

if we choose. 


We all need to

eat and drink, and we all

sometimes need support. 


We all want the best we can

get for ourselves – whatever

it looks like. 


Have you ever met anyone who didn’t

deep down, crave love?


We all look different.

We have different circumstances

different cultures,

different languages_

but we are all in this



We are all the same –

of the same history –

we all came here in the

same way,

but, what happened next?


Some people get what they need, 

and make the best of that.


Some people get what they need, 

but somehow, are not ok.


Some people struggle mightily,

but use their circumstances

as motivation – and succeed.


Others struggle, but stay in

a victimhood story.


Everyone has potential to

be part of the painting,

to find his brush and

contribute to the rainbow

in his own life and

in the canvas of life,



No storm has to be

too tough to weather

if we can figure it out



The cloud may be dark,

and maybe it doesn’t

feel like a silver lining

is enough, 

that you’d rather go back…

but the only path that exists 

is the one you follow –

one foot in front of the other,

one second to the next,

until you reach nightfall

until you reach your rest

until you reach the morning

and a brand new opportunity

to put one foot in front of the other

all over again…

until one day, things

are colorful again.