Rising Again

Medellín, Sept 2023


I’m a phoenix rising from the ashes

I can have anything I want

I can create any life that I want from here

What is the life I want?


It doesn’t matter how I got here

It doesn’t matter what started the fire

Or that everything burnt down…


What matters is that I find myself

I pick myself up

Scared and emotional

And start cleaning up the mess

One little ash at a time

Until I can see the ground again

And the seeds can sprout.


Even volcanic rock 

Can support life

After enough time

So you can too, 

create new blossoms.


Stop looking for the greener grass,

Look for the dirt that you can fortify

Where there can be fertility 

And be part of the nutrients that 

Bring the flourishing back


It’s ok to be sad that the past is over

It’s ok to be angry about what happened

It’s ok to cry and scream

But don’t let the grief fool you

Into thinking that things were perfect

Or as good as it could ever be


It’s ok to be scared about the future

But don’t let the fear fool you

Into thinking that 

Things will always be this hard, 

That things will never be “as good as they were”

That something new will be “as bad as it was”

That you’ll always be alone

That no one wants to help you

That you won’t find new opportunities

That you won’t love again


All these thoughts are mere fantasies

We can’t do anything about the past

Except learn from it

We can’t predict the future

Just try our best right now 

To create a better one

By putting forward 

The best we have to offer 

Right now


When you don’t know what to do

Just be.


That is enough for that moment

And maybe even for the next couple 

Or even the next several


It’s ok if these feelings are sometimes 

Too much

You can handle it

It’s ok to share them

There is no shame in needing support

From another


It’s necessary to feel these feelings

To let them out of your body

That’s how you can live fully

Embrace the hard feelings

And let them go

But don’t believe the lies 

Your mind tells you when you

Are in midst of the feelings


The body feels

The mind thinks

When the body feels discomfort

The mind thinks unhelpful thoughts

And vice versa

Like an unending 

Vicious cycle.


Which came first – 

The thought

Or the feeling?


Some people believe 

The thought caused the feeling

Other people believe

The feeling brought up the thoughts


Either way –

When one is extreme,

So will the other be 


In the same direction.


Be careful what thoughts you believe.

We have a tendency to think

Our thoughts are always true.

And to attach our own self worth

To the correctness of the thought

Or the righteousness in the feeling.


Remember that 

These are just impulses

Passing through the body and mind.

They are messages 

Meant to guide you on the path.

They are not YOU or YOUR WORTH.

You are not your thoughts.

You are not your feelings.


YOU are the being that 

Experiences these things.


You are capable of managing them.

Even if sometimes,

Managing means 

Simply being with them

Giving them the light of day

And some kindness

And compassion

And letting it take 

The time that it takes

The resources that it takes

The help that it takes

To bring them back to 


To peace.

To calm.


And then…

From that fertile ground

You can move along

To the next thing


You are ready.

Ready for what’s next.

Ready to rise from the ashes.

Ready to receive the inspiration.

Ready to have a vision.

Ready to take action.

Ready to grow.

Ready to build.

Ready to connect.

Ready to be alive.

Ready to thrive.


This is what healing means. 

Like the phoenix 

You rise from your ashes

And figure it out

Until one day, 

You look in the mirror

You no longer see the scars

You forget that you were burned

Because it’s just a part of you

And things make sense again.