Hi! I’m Caylena  [pronounced kAY-lEE-nuh].

I’m a well-rounded, thoughtful and empathetic person working in various digital media to capture and share stories/content that inspires a thoughtful pause, reflection and inspiration, peace or action.
Born and raised in the Hudson Valley of NY, I started dancing at age 3, taking photos around age 7, and learning French at age 12. My first international trip was technically to Canada in 9th or 10th grade, but the one that made all the difference was my first trip to Europe, around 11th grade. It changed everything, when I went on that whirlwind 12-day trip across Ireland, Wales, England and France – my first foreign love. After that, it was all over – I had to keep traveling!
In 2010, I graduated from Ithaca College, fluent in French and with dual Bachelor’s degrees in French and Photography, and a minor in journalism. At this time, I went abroad to France to teach English.
Now, 13 years later, I’ve built a successful freelance business, run 2 half-marathons, hiked 26 miles on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, visited almost 20 countries. Furthermore, I’m speaking fluent Spanish, learning Portuguese (Brazil, I’ve got my eye on you!), dancing Salsa and Bachata, and writing my first book (a memoir).
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I am living my dream! As such, I am on a mission to travel the world, form deep connections, create beautiful things, learn as much as I can, speak as many languages as possible, know cultures, places and people. I hope that by bringing together all my passions – travel and adventure, dance, creativity and culture, entrepreneurship, language and communications, nature and hiking, food, yoga and exercise, health and relationships – through my lifestyle and work, I can leave places and their humans better off, and help inspire others to realize their own dreams. If I can do it, you can too – really! We are not victims of our circumstances and I really believe in the idea that a rising tide raises all ships – and that is my objective, to be part of the rising tide.


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Professional Background

My professional work over the past decade (plus) has been diverse – including work editorial/journalism content (photo, writing, video), teaching languages and photography, doing marketing for non-profits, solopreneurs and small businesses, business coaching, graphic design (web, digital and print), video production, corporate event/wedding photography, studio photography (portraits, headshots, dance), tabletop photography (products, food and beverage), writing narrative and technical articles, copywriting and retail sales.

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Personal Work

My personal creative work has run the gamut from nature and street photography, to travel, food, fashion and dance photography. I’ve written personal blogs, covering a variety of topics, sharing what I’ve learned about life, travel and business over the years. I also started the Put a Fork In It podcast and have produced/published 45 episodes interviewing people in food, health, business and the arts. My work has appeared both in publications and solo/group exhibitions. Prints and merchandise are available in my online shop.

Next Steps