Headshots & Portraits

Headshots & Portraits: Mood & Style Selection

In order to best plan the lighting setups and backgrounds for your session, please go through the images on this page and evaluate in terms of lighting, contrast (difference between brightness and shadows), and hardness/softness of shadow (are shadows formed by hard lines or blurry gradients), the brightness/not of highlights (are they significantly brighter in one place or is it a more consistent lighting across the face?).

Ask yourself, if it were me in this photo, is this how I'd like to present myself to the world? Does it make me feel confident, excited about the image, and so on? 

(Note: Many of these images are not retouched - your final selections will be retouched for skin consistency, removal of blemishes, softening of bags under the eyes, teeth whitening, removal of bloodshot eyes, etc., unless you choose to add extras without retouching.)

Once you've gone through, please log into your account and add images to your favorites which are a match for the visual style you are looking for for your images. Add to favorites by clicking the heart icon. This is mainly for lighting/mood, not so much about expressions or posing.

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