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So you want to attend the early spring mini-sessions headshot event?!

Frequently Asked Questions

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$15 of every entry will be donated to The Sparrow’s Nest, local charity.
(save $25 each when you bring 1 or more friend)
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Wednesday, March 26 @ 6-9pm

Beahive Beacon (291 Main Street, Beacon, NY)

$15 of every entry will be donated to the Sparrow’s Nest, a local charity that helps families who’s mothers have cancer. I will be running the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in their honor. This part of the entry fee for this event will go toward my fundraising. If you want to help out further, you are welcome to donate here.

Great! I’m excited to make an awesome portrait of you! Each mini-session is meant to produce “the shot” (one really good shot) per person at one lighting/backdrop setup. Each session will last anywhere from 2-10 minutes, depending on how long it takes to get “the shot” with the perfect lighting, posing, and expression. You choose, on the spot at the event or at home online, which you like the best, and if you can’t decide, you can buy another, on the spot.

This event is meant to serve as an introduction to professional head shots and portraiture; it is not an end-all, be-all experience so you never get another head shot. So, if you enjoy the experience and like your photo(s), and are interested having me create a more personalized and creative head shot for you, in a more interesting location, etc., I’m happy to set up another session for you to shoot with me individually, outside of the meetup. Individual sessions are much more personalized and can last up to 2 hours, with multiple clothing options, backgrounds, posing and lighting options, as well as multiple different style of photos (head shot, 3/4, full body, etc.). Professional hair and makeup services are available for these shoots as well.

For this event, your photos will be ready in 7-14 days and will be provided by email. If you choose to not select your image on the spot, a private gallery will be added to my website for you to select your photos.

A note about photo selection: when you see proofs of your photos, they will not be retouched, however all final versions of images are retouched. This service, which is included in the base price of the shoot, in addition to all pre-production, production and post production of the photo shoot, time, talent and more, helps you look your best in your photos by removing the things that make you go, “uhhggg” when you see a photo – like bags under your eyes, or lines on your forehead, or zits, etc.. So worry not.

What you get

All-Around Portrait

A brand-spankin’ new headshot! Fully retouched, high-resolution and web-optimized color jpg files that you can (and should) use on your social media, website, marketing materials, etc. Anywhere you can think to put it, you can use it – the only exception is in a paid advertising campaign (like on a billboard). You can even put it on a book cover or send it in if you author an article! Yay!

Prefer it in B/W

Want your photos in black and white instead? Just let me know, and I’ll send you that instead of color at no extra charge.

Come ready to go!

Please show up ready to go. Professional hair and makeup services will not be available on-location.

Bring a friend, and you’ll both save!

Bring a friend (or multiple) and you all save $25 each!

NOTE: Please be aware that this is a non-refundable payment. Also, by paying you are accepting these terms & conditions.

Register Now

$15 of every entry will be donated to The Sparrow’s Nest, local charity.
(save $25 each when you bring 1 or more friend)
Names of attendees:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re not sure about it, remember, the rates you pay at this event are discounted rates based on doing multiple portraits at the same time, so efficiency. If you schedule your own session, the rates will be more expensive, but you’ll also get a much more personalized experience with many more options.

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