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The “Headshot” Is A Myth

Everyone that comes to us has a different perspective and experience level with photographers. And, every photographer does business differently.

As a result, everyone has different assumptions on what a “headshot” is – i.e. what it looks like and should be used for, and should take to make.

So, it’s best for us to start by getting on the same page about what we’re even talking about, and define a few things.

From our perspective, a “headshot” is a nice, head and shoulders (maybe torso), portrait photograph. There, we said it. It’s a portrait photograph, and the term refers only to the content/composition of the photograph. It sometimes may have implications on desired context of use, look/style, etc., however, every client is different, has different needs, a different vision, a different context, etc.

This is why, when the first thing we hear from prospective clients is “how much for a headshot,” the answer is invariably: “It depends.”

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How is a portrait different from a “headhsot?”

Firstly – on a very basic level, one might say that all “headshots” are portraits. That is, if a portrait is just a photo of a person. And, because of the nature of volume based photography companies, like those seen in the mall or big department stores, much of the art of true portraiture is lost to the average consumer, because all they care about is getting in and out, and selling the most they can to the most people they can.

We are different.

We take the time to get to know you because we believe that a true “portrait” is a photograph of a person that is all about connection and capturing the essence of a person.

If you’re not sure what we mean, think about all the “headshots” you’ve seen where the people look aloof, disconnected and spaced out. Do you want photos like that? If so, those are the images you’ll get if you only put in a few minutes, to get “just a headshot” or “just a couple photos”.

Our clients believe in the power of true portraits, and understand that true portraits are about how you want to be received by the people who will see the image. They are a reflection your relationship with your photographer and really capture something about you, something that you want to share with others.

Really nice portraits, that help you build trust and real relationships, are intentional. All elements are considered and they are real.

These images have real power and they are typically created after building a solid rapport with the photographer. This is because, most people are not used to being in front of a camera, so it’s up to the photographer to make you feel comfortable, strong, confident and perhaps, even a little vulnerable.

The best portraits, yes, even for business, take time to create. To get a real expression that speaks to your audience and really creates the feeling you want to express. These photos are part of what builds your reputation. They are not something to be taken lightly or by chance.

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Introducing, Branding Portraits

In a day and age where nearly everything is done online, and it’s becoming EVER more important to build a personal brand, OR at the very least, project a professional image online. Because of this, and because of the need for constant change and updates on social media and websites, it’s now essential to have more than just ONE “headshot,” but instead to have a “library” – so to speak – of nice images of ourselves that we can put out there at a moment’s notice.

This is the basic concept of branding portraits. The sessions allow you to do multiple looks, multiple backgrounds, etc. so that you can have a collection of images to choose from and change your photos out regularly – giving your audience a fresh look and gaining more exposure, clicks, likes, and interest with every update.

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How It Works

On the basic level, this is a type of photo session aimed at making portraits that can be used to market yourself. It’s not a quick, “one and done” type of thing because the goal is to create compelling images that share something about you with the people looking at them. These images are designed to make you feel confident and instill confidence and trust in the viewer – something that most people wish to have (why else would you want a professional picture), and which everyone needs if they hope to win more clients, customers, sales, gigs, roles, etc.

Each session is unique, because everyone has a different story to tell. Some people need a business or corporate style headshot, as well as something a bit more casual – in order to have the option to appear very professional on LinkedIn or a corporate website and a little more casual, but still retain that professional distinction on Facebook – and other people want to have some more personality in their photos – to show a little more about what they do – like actors, dancers or fitness professionals – who may want a standard headshot, as well as “action” shots or unique props, like instruments, cooking utensils or something else.

This format makes sense for all types of people, from performers, creatives, and business owners, to entrepreneurs, artisans and other professionals, because these images are often the first impression you’re making on someone – through social media, website, or other promotional materials – and photos communicate INSTANTLY – even faster than written words.

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What You’ll Get

Because everyone has a different story to tell, we have a variety of options available. Sessions vary in length, location, and deliverables, however ALL sessions include:

  • consultation(s) to get on the same page about creative direction and details
  • coaching in preparation of the session,(including discussion of your goals, values, target audience for the photos, and creative elements like colors to use, props and other elements that will resonate with your audience)
  • guidance and direction in terms of (personal) brand
  • mood board for inspiration of image style & look
  • personalized imagery, props and styling
  • professional lighting and posing
  • in studio and/or on location shoot
  • at least 90 minutes with a professional photographer
  • web gallery for image proofs
  • professionally edited photos for promotional uses

Additional services, such as professional makeup, hairstyling and styling are available to make sure that you get the most out of your shoot.

Session fees are all-inclusive, upgradeable and begin at $595. Payment plans are available and we do accept credit cards.

No matter what, you’ll certainly wind up with an experience you’ll enjoy, and photos that will help you reach your goals. Some clients feel clearer and more confident in what they’re branding. Others report feeling great and receiving compliments from friends and family, prospects and more, in addition to having actually gotten the job, client or gig after getting these portraits done. And, in addition to those possible results, you’ll definitely get action on your social media every time you post an image – which is great for staying top of mind and bringing a level of professionalism and creativity to how you stay relevant!

If you’re looking for something simpler, or just to check “headshot” off your to do list, our Monthly Epic Mini-Sessions may be just the ticket…

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