The Newburgh Project

The Newburgh Project

As a recent new resident of the City of Newburgh, and long-time Hudson Valley resident, I of course, am aware of the reputation of Newburgh to be the “murder capital” of NY, aka… gun violence and poverty ridden, with a lot of broken down and abandoned buildings.

On the other hand, if one seeks to find it, there are great things going on here. there are a lot of attempts, and many people working on improving conditions, starting businesses, renovating buildings, and so forth.

Bringing my travel and architecture eyes and the “tourist” eyes as a new resident, I’m capturing the beauty I see here (so far using my Pixel 3a), to help to share what is great here and hopefully, change the perception of Newburgh as all bad. As it is, crime (specifically violent crime) is at an all time low…


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