Whether you’re new to business, or you’ve been at it for years, you are likely doing some thing(s) to promote your work, services, or products in order to boost sales or increase the overall impact of your business.

Perhaps you’re on Facebook, or other social media sites, using a website or blog, advertising in print or on billboards, doing direct mail pieces or simply relying on word of mouth and positive press, all of these activities fall under the umbrella of “marketing.”

The growing importance of photos and graphics on sites like Facebook and Instagram and the omnipresence of cameras in our culture means that in order to stand out, you must have strong, engaging visuals.

However, as many businesses are struggling to keep up with the social media race, and they simply share anything and everything, regardless of the quality.

This is where our photo-centric marketing services come in. We’re here to help you make sense of the visual landscape and bring beauty and strategy to your use of photography and imagery.

What is “Photo-Centric” Marketing?

We come at this marketing thing from a visual, and more specifically, photographic standpoint.

Everything we do starts from the photograph and radiates outward from the image, because photos are how people connect immediately and viscerally.

Why tell when you can show?

Bringing Strategy to Your Photography

Starting at the core of your brand (business identity, goals, customer experience, target audience, ideal customers), through consulting, we work with you to create and establish a consistently strong visual identity across all channels – online, in print and in general – that captures your business’ essence and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Your marketing and promotional efforts will take on a new life. Every promotional piece or social media post starts with an eye-catching photo, grabbing and keeping people’s eyes and attention – keeping them engaged, deeply. (You know that hunger pang you felt from the amazing burger photo you saw in the NY Times Food website? That’s what we’re talking about!!)

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