Thanks so much for the info! It is really helpful to get to know you a bit before you sit in front of the camera.

Now, please read the tips below and then visit the following page to indicate the style of images you like. You are also welcome to send “inspiration” images that you like (from other sources), in advance.

Mood Board Site

Tips to get the most out of your session:

Please arrive to your session at least 15-30 minutes early, so you can freshen up and get in the mood!

You may have to wait, so bring something that will calm you or get you into the right mood (confident, relaxed, excited…), such as a book, headphones and your favorite music, or even a coloring book – something not work related.

Look your best for your session with professional hair and makeup.

Brush your teeth before your session.

Bring a comb/hair styling tools and products.

Remember to groom facial hair, fingernails the day of the session.

Make sure to exfoliate your face the morning of your shoot (don’t try a new product, in case of unknown allergies). This goes for you men too!!! Dry and dead flakes of skin will have to be retouched out, exfoliating prevents that and helps you get your final images more quickly.

Do not dye your hair or try a radical new haircut within a week of the session, in case of problems.

Stay hydrated. Don’t consume alcohol or drugs within 24 hours.

Prepare outfits ahead of time. Bring fresh clothes (pressed/ironed) for the session – not what you had on all day long.

Choose outfits that flatter your body type. When in doubt, go with form-fitting attire or clothes with structure. Ask friends/family for honest feedback.

Get tips on clothes from those close to you. Research clothing ideas for your body type and pamper yourself with a new outfit that looks great for the shoot.

When in doubt, stick to solid colors and conservative necklines. Better to go with a neutral color than have a bright/decorative pattern that clashes with your skin tone or distracts from your gorgeous face.

When it comes to jewelry, less is more.

Choose clothing that fits your personality and the personality you are looking to convey. (Remember the questionnaire.)

Come to your session with a few funny stories in mind.

If being in front of a camera scares you, practice in front of a mirror. Research poses online, practice facial expressions, and practice your breathing exercises. (I’m serious… it will help you relax on the day of.)

Don’t forget, no amount of photo magic can change your self-esteem… Love yourself and take good care of yourself!