So, you're looking for a photographer that you can trust to create images that you're going to love, but, how can you be sure that you're going to get images that will work for you and your needs?

Moreover, how do you know that the images they make for you will look like what you see on their portfolio?

That's how we're different.

We get it, it's risky to spend money on creative services. That's why we bring the processes of high end commercial photography to you, so that you will know, with as much certainty as possible, what you're going to wind up with.

Our approach is different: we place a strong emphasis on planning, strategy and really understanding your brand, who your customers/clients are and what will resonate.

Here's a little more about our process.

Before the Shoot

1. Branding / Getting to Know You Questionnaire

Here’s the thing – you can totally go to any random photographer that will show up, click the shutter a few times to capture whatever you put in front of them… Or, you can go with someone who actually cares what you’re trying to do with your business.

Before we ever show up with a camera, we work together to understand who you are, what your business and brand is about, who your customers are and what will resonate with them. We do this through our branding questionnaire and/or through a consulting process – if you’re not sure where you’re at yet.

If you need additional support in the design, branding, strategy, or marketing implementation departments, we can also discuss options for how we could help, at this point. 

2. Planning Session

Before every session – with the exception of promotional mini-sessions and sometimes events – we like to meet with you to decide on some key aspects of your questionnaire responses, the creative direction, and the logistics of the shoot. This is so that we are all on the same page and everyone know’s what the expectations and goals are, as well as what roles they will have in the process of the shoot.

3. Mood Board & Image Style Preferences

A key part of the process for the planning session (and the whole period before the shoot) is creating a mood board that will inspire the shoot. Basically, the mood board is a selection of images that will inspire the visual styling of the shoot and make sure that we know what you like. We will use this to be on the same page about things like lighting, styling (props, settings, etc), editing/look, poses, camera angles, subject matter, composition, depth of field (how much/what is in focus), color schemes, and more. Doing this helps everyone get excited about the work we’re about to do, and helps you to understand what your images will look like.

4. Shot List

In addition to the mood board, we will plan out the specific types of shots that we aim to take – getting as specific as you want. This can even include sketching out sample images/compositions, usually for the more conceptual projects. Often, this looks like selecting the basic subject matter/scenes that we will cover during the shoot. This helps guide the logistics and the actual schedule for the shoot itself.

5. Shoot Plan, Schedule and Logistics

Once we have a tentative shot list and mood board, we can schedule the order of operations and select the details for the shoot, such as the location(s), the scenes, the props, etc.

6. Creative Brief

We write up a Creative Brief for our shoots to keep all the details in one place, including the team members that will be present, and all the things we’ll need for the shoot, as well as the shot list and schedule and any other goals we’ve determined for the shoot. Then, we bring it and use it as a guide on the day of.

The Shoot

Once the planning is complete, and the scheduled shoot day arrives, we go to the starting location, set up, shoot and have an amazing shoot with lots of fun and image making!!! 🙂

After The Shoot

1. Culling & Processing

Once the shoot is complete, we then bring the images back and add them to our production queue. All the images will be sorted, culled and digitally processed. This means we will go through all the images and eliminate the bad ones and make simple edits to the proofs that you can choose from.

2. Image Review, Proofing & Selection

Once the images are ready for review, we will put them in a web gallery for you to review and make your selections. At this point, if you would like, we’re happy to set up an optional appointment to go through an discuss the options and give recommendations for which to pick or how you might use them, or even what additional edits or design options you might want. If you don’t have retouching included, you can then download your final images directly from the website! 🙂

3. Retouched Images

If you have images selected for retouching, we will go through them with a fine-toothed comb and make them absolutely perfect, then return them to you through email. 🙂

Ongoing Support

For the best results from marketing, a strong strategy and consistent implementation are key to build strong relationships with prospects, create trust and value, and stay top of mind.

That's why, a one-off photo shoot is never going to be the magic bullet that solves all your marketing and business woes... 🙁

But, it's also another reason why we're unique from other photographers, because once you've worked with us the first time and loved it, you then become eligible to receive on-going photography, branding, design and marketing support through our customized memberships, consulting packages, retainers, or additional one-off projects. And then you never have to worry again!!! Yay! 😀

Ready to Book?

Send us an email to learn more or book a free consultation. In your message, tell us a little more about who you are and what you are looking for. We look forward to hearing from you.
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