It’s finally time to check “get a new headshot” off that to-do list. No more feeling embarrassed about pictures. Introducing monthly mini-sessions. Learn more and register now for an upcoming event. Don’t hesitate!

It’s finally time to check “get a new headshot” off that to-do list.

Upcoming Sessions:

September 28, 11:30-8pm
October 26, 11:30-8pm (save the date)

Event Location:

One Epic Place

122 Main Street
New Paltz, NY
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Whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur, everyone with any ambition to succeed in a career these days needs a great headshot.

A professional headshot helps you:

  • Take control over your reputation
  • Manage digital first impressions
  • Build trust and confidence
  • Create a positive emotional connections
  • Show personality
  • Look your best in all your self promotion
  • Come across as a true professional and expert

All of these things are 100% necessary since most of our first contacts are made online, through LinkedIn, a website/portfolio, Facebook, or email.

Not All Headshots Are Created Equal

Great headshots capture a real interaction between you and the photographer, giving the viewer a feeling of true connection to your personality and temperament.

A great headshot:

  • is well-lit
  • is in focus
  • is professional
  • is thoughtful
  • is posed well
  • is shot from the right angle
  • uses proper lenses that minimize awkward wide-angle distortion (like on a cell phone)
  • conveys emotion
  • shows a realistic version of yourself
  • is flattering to you
  • gives people a sense of your personality

These qualities are absolutely essential if you want whether you’re looking to boost sales, get a promotion or new job, or get more shows/gigs.

Having a great headshot will allow you:

  • to have confidence you need any time you are asked for a photo,
  • to set up a new social media profile on a website,
  • to print up new promotional materials.

You won’t have to worry or be embarrassed when the best you come up with is a cropped photo (with someone else’s arm, or an awkward lean) from a networking event, your wedding or a selfie from someone else’s wedding.

What Others Say

kathy-circleCaylena did my headshots for my online business, [and the] photos are amazing! I can say my [web] presence was increased by 100% due to the striking photos. I feel they were professional but personal, and this was due to [the way] Caylena [works] as a photographer, making me feel relaxed and comfortable during the shoot. I was so impressewd with the work, we did a family photo shoot, and the photos are also beyond amazing!

  • – Kathy Nolan, Lifestyle Coach

megan-circle“I recommend Caylena Cahill because she is thorough, and takes the time to personalize her shots for each client. She wants to get to know you so that your personality shines though. I asked her to offer head shots for my networking group, and she worked quickly and professionally. When I first posted one of my photos [to social media], it got lots of nice feedback. Then, when I made everything (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) uniform with another of the my photos, everyone loved it! If you need quality work call Caylena!”

  • – Megan Micola, Arbonne International

zach-circle“I’ve been desperate for some corporate style photos with that “WOW” factor to use for casting calls and modeling jobs. Caylena (CC Photo & Media) came to the rescue right in time for me to submit for a supporting role in a film that I was interested in. I used one of my proof images from the shoot, as the photos were still being edited. I was a little nervous about doing that, but the shots were so good that the casting director never even questioned anything, and I even got the part! Now that I have my final images I’m way more confident that when I use these photos, not only are they top notch quality, but they’re also the kind of shots I know the industry likes to see. I’m more than excited about working with CC Photo & Media again… I like having the best and I know I can expect that from them.”

  • – Zach Herrington, Actor

debbie-circle“I highly recommend Caylena for professional headshots.”

  • – Deborah Porco, Ambit Energy, Marketing Consultant
“I truly enjoyed working with Caylena. She was very friendly and patient, and helped me with postures and poses along the way. I am very satisfied with my pictures as well. She does a great job capturing and definitely knows what she’s talking about!”

  • – Julia Allen, Senior Portraits


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

This is a special monthly event with “headshot” mini-sessions. Each person will have up to either 25 or 55 minutes in front of the camera, on a set with professional lighting, and receive at least 1 retouched image (of their choice), in order to update their bio images and profile pictures with more professional pictures. Mini-sessions are done in bulk to allow for more approachable pricing, rather than an individual session starting at $350.

Who can attend?

These events are hosted by CC Photo & Media for professionals and entrepreneurs, alike. Anyone who wants a new portrait can attend.

Why should I come?

Let’s put it this way… if one of these things applies to you, don’t miss out!

  • You want to have a professional appearance online, but your photos on LinkedIn and your website are from last Sunday’s football get-together or the last Miley Cyrus concert you went to (….hmmm).
  • You want to grow your business (or the company you work for), and decide you really need to grow your network.
  • You have a headshot photo… from 10 years ago… Come on, it’s definitely time for an update!!
  • If your group or company or an organization to which you belong is the host, take it as a sign that they think it’s a good idea for it’s members/employees to up their games and improve their reputations.

If one of these things did not apply, just think – if you decide the day after the event to go hire me (or someone else) for a private shoot, you’re going to pay a LOT more, and you won’t get any network benefits from it either.

Come on, do I really need a professional headshot???

YES! Don’t be cheap, you need to think of it as an investment in yourself and your reputation.

Contrary to what we might like to tell ourselves, our reputations ARE important. People ARE judging us. Think about it. What do you think when you are browsing Linked In and see a profile of a “CEO” (I’m making those obnoxious quotation fingers now, too) whose photo is clearly cropped from a group shot at some bar, with the creeping hands on the shoulders…

Oh… wait. Would a CEO do this? If a CEO wouldn’t do it, why should you? Just take yourself a little more seriously sometimes, ok?

Ok… But I’m not a CEO, so why do I need one?

Are you an entrepreneur? Then you need to treat yourself like a CEO, because you basically are.

Not an entrepreneur OR a CEO? Stuck in a job you hate? Or even in one you like – maybe love, but probably not? Taking this step to view yourself with a higher standard is the first step you need to take to make a change and get ahead in your career. Seriously, would you show up to a job interview wearing a party shirt and drinking a beer out of a red Solo cup? Because, that’s basically what you’re doing when you put up unprofessional photos in professional outlets.

When you say “space is limited” and “pre-registration required” is that really true?

Yes. Space is limited to one person per available session slot. That’s just the nature of how time works.

I hate being in front of the camera and hate photos of myself…

Do you take selfies? ….

Anyway, if you think you hate how you look in photos or the camera makes you nervous, that’s ok. It’s a normal response, and probably because you haven’t had luck with finding the right photographer for you. It is the photographer’s job to make YOU feel comfortable. If you’re not, then the photographer has not been successful and the pictures won’t be great.

The other thing is, usually preparation is what makes a successful experience. That said, if you already know that you’re not comfortable around cameras, then spend some time practicing and preparing before the shoot. Prepare by getting inspiration on Pinterest, practicing expressions in front of the mirror (or in selfies), practice your posing, find a hairstyle that is flattering, pick out an outfit that is flattering and professional – keep it simple – and mostly, just don’t think too hard.

I’m interested in hosting or sponsoring an event. How does that work?

Firstly, take a second to e-mail me and we’ll work out the details.

Basically, to set up an event, we will need a location and a date… and of course people to attend. If you can work with that, we can work together.

The events require a bit of space for me to set up a portable photo studio (including a backdrop and a few light stands. Think of a double dorm room, or a small-ish board room size.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on a few factors – such as the length of the event, how many people will come, are people required to come because they are your employees or are they coming for themselves, etc. I’m happy to provide an estimate when we talk details, so don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

Now What?

Finally convinced? Then sign up for one of the upcoming events!

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