Digital Image Usage Rights/Guidelines – Please read if you work with/hire me.

All images I shoot are © Caylena Cahill / CC Photo & Media with all rights reserved.

Individuals involved (models/stylists/etc.) in the process retain limited rights of usage as follows:

Images may be tagged/used on Facebook only with logo visible and intact – no cropping or further editing without permission. If possible (via Facebook) tag Caylena Cahill Photography ( in the photo (on logo) or in the caption with the @ symbol. Credit all applicable individuals included in the shot/shoot (hair, makeup, stylist, photographers, lighting stylists, location, yourself – if modeling,). If they have a Facebook tag them as well (if they wish). If I have specific information in my caption, copy and paste in yours. Captions should include a link to my website (

Web images are for use on the web ONLY and shall not be printed. If you desire/require a print, contact me directly for more information regarding pricing/etc.

If you wish to post the images on a blog or other website, include all applicable information you would on Facebook and a clickable link to my website (where possible). If the website is for a business and you prefer a non-watermarked version, contact me for more details.

If you post to:
Model Mayhem, my id is #2364168 – please include photographer credit through their credit field.
deviantART, link to velvetXskies profile in description and include other credit/link information as previously denoted.
Flickr, link to in image description and include other credit/link information as previously denoted.

If I post an image to Facebook that you have not purchased, you may tag it and use it exclusively on Facebook.

I reserve the right to change these guidelines at any point in time and for any reason.

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