About Caylena Cahill

I am a freelance creator and marketer currently based in the greater New York City area, more specifically in the Mid-Hudson Valley region.

My focus on photography and web design stems from a passion for beauty, technology and communication, as well as a desire to express what cannot be expressed through words. Words, and the intrinsic powers of language, however, cannot be ignored. Grammar enthralls me, language inspires me and communication empowers me.

My work thus far has been varied in context and content, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


When it comes to photography, I am versed in the worlds of photojournalism, fine art, events and weddings, nature and macro, portraits and more. My work has appeared in local newspapers, national magazines and on walls as far apart as NY and France. I’ve had the pleasure of working with, meeting and photographing esteemed individuals at corporate, non-profit events and conferences, as well as observing and capturing the romance at weddings. My camera accompanied me throughout my travels and natural explorations. Finally, my Bachelor’s of Science in photography from Ithaca College gave me the technical skills necessary to jump into these realms and soar.


Where there are visuals, there are words. My voice has been featured in print and on the web, informing and persuading, or otherwise painting a metaphoric picture for those who appreciate details and imagery. More specifically, my writing credits include hard news and features in the arts sections of local newspapers; travel features in local and national magazines; and marketing copy, city descriptions, web publications and weblogs online. Click here to read and view a few clips.


With my love for communications and technology, it’s only natural that I have worked in web marketing. My work in this field helps small and mid-size organizations promote and maintain a healthy business as well as to promote social and health awareness through websites, design, writing and social media. My work on the web with organizations such as the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, Ulster County Tourism, and the Garrison Institute helps inform people, raise money, and express respectable missions, but mostly it helps people. When I think about the effects of my work, all that time spent on the phone looking for information or in code view of marketing emails and websites, I know that, at the end of the day, someone will have a better time because of it.

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