Flying High in a Hot Air Balloon, Oh My!

Balloons rising into the sky over the Hudson Valley. (July 7, 2012)What would you do if your assignment editor called you and said, “So… how would you feel about riding in a hot-air balloon?”
Personally, I just about exploded with excitement! Sure, it might be scary to be suspended 1000 ft in the air by nothing but a balloon and a wicker basket… but it’s the opportunity of a lifetime! Get paid to fly and take pictures of the experience?! YES! Count me in!
So the only time the media is allowed up is 6am on Saturday, says my editor, is that ok?
Uhg. Well. I’ll deal with it – seriously, is this real? I’m going to ride in a balloon?!
Well, Saturday morning, 4 o’clock… My alarm starts ringing. Fifteen minutes later I’m out of bed and in the shower. I guess it’s time to be awake.

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