The Caylena Podcast
The Caylena Podcast
Episode 0 - Podcast Trailer - The Caylena Podcast

Hello and welcome to the Caylena Podcast, where we share eclectic and insightful conversations and stories from around the world!! I’m so excited to share this new show with you. 

Take a listen to the trailer to learn more about the vision for the show, who I am and where it’s all going! 🙂

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 Are you a curious person? Does the idea of seeing and hearing about different places, lifestyles and cultures excite you? Are you part of the rising tide that’s lifting all ships and improving the world and life for everyone, no matter their origins? If this sounds inspiring, you are in the right place.

Welcome to the Caylena Podcast, where we share eclectic and insightful conversations and stories from around the world. And when I say eclectic, I mean it. And when I say around the world, I really mean it. I am your host, Caylena Cahill. I’m a freelance photographer and creative consultant to mission-oriented clients like nonprofits, NGOs, and social impact companies.

I’m also a digital nomad, adventurer, dancer, and polyglot. I’m passionate about travel, foreign languages, culture, yoga, hiking, and making the world a better place for everyone. I’m originally from New York State. But I’m currently exercising my Spanish while traveling through South America. I got my first taste of the travel bug in 2004 when I went on an international trip to Europe with fellow language students and teachers from my high school.

And of course, I fell in love with France and that was it. In college, I studied abroad in Paris. I lived abroad in France afterwards. I graduated with degrees in photography and French and a minor in journalism. These experiences as well as interning in a nonprofit retreat center began my career as a blogger, traveler, photographer, and of course a citizen of the world.

Outside of that, I’ve been a longtime volunteer and alumna of HOI leadership, and as a girl, I was a Girl Scout. Both of these organizations instilled values around leadership. Volunteerism, community service, self-reflection and awareness, preparedness, open-mindedness, and leaving places and their people better than when you found them.

So as a part of my nomadic journey, it’s my objective to not just take from the places that I visit, but also to contribute in whatever way I can. One of my earliest dreams with photography was to take photos that matter. To the world, and what I hope to do with this podcast is just that make content that has an impact larger than myself.

On this podcast, you’ll hear from people and organizations that I’ve met or sought out from earlier in my life or during this nomadic chapter. The topics may include travel, tourism, and its effects, places and cultural differences, sustainability, food systems, and access. Social projects, wellness, mindfulness, and alternative lifestyles, or perhaps something entirely different.

The show includes interviews with people who share unique experiences that they’ve had while traveling or living abroad and foreign places, as well as locals that I meet along the way who may have interesting stories to tell or observations to make. Leaders in their communities or organizations and others who are just plain interesting.

I’ll share my own observations and experiences as well. My aim is to have interesting conversations, learn from everyone, share unique perspectives, inform, document, and inspire. If you are a curious person and you want to know more about the world, take a chance and subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform.

New episodes will come once or twice a month. Thanks for listening and catch you in another episode.