Website Redesign: DBG Custom Floral Services

Last year I worked with Alison, the founder of DBG, a custom floral design provider. Her previous website was a the first iteration of a DIY site on Squarespace, but was lacking in the brand flare that she was looking for. Initially, she just wanted to recurate the photos in her portfolio section, but we ended up doing an entire overhaul of the site because she had a ton of gorgeous images from a professional photo shoot she had done, and I could see that those images could be incorporated into a much more modern layout. In addition to creating a more visually interesting brand, Alison wanted to identify her brand voice.

To begin the process, Alison completed my client onboarding process which includes a complete branding and business strategy survey. This included questions about all aspects of her business and brand and helped us to determine both the visual brand and brand voice. This survey incorporates questions about your personality and values, as well as goals for your business, why you got into this business, in addition to questions about your positioning in the market, your inspiration in the industry, your competition and so on. Other topics include how you want to be portrayed.

It came up in the survey that Alison can be rather blunt in her communication style, and that she was looking for bright, bold colors. She said that clients appreciate her “no BS approach and no hidden fees. I was able to capture some of the language in her survey and translate that into some of the copy on the website. When visiting the site, it also incorporates some animation features as you scroll and interact with some of the pages. Visit the live site.

COPYRIGHT NOTE: all photos were provided by the client. Original text was provided by the client and edited by me.


The Updated Site