Put a Fork In It!
Put a Fork In It!
39: Ilana Charette, Life Coach

About Ilana

Ilana Charette

Ilana Charette is the lap band weight loss surgery coach. She teaches women how to trust themselves and their bodies again. Certified through The Life Coach School, Ilana is 32, married and a mother of 2.

Ilana started Weight Watchers for the first time in middle school. She vowed to herself in high school that once she figured out this whole weight thing, she was going to devote her life to helping anyone who would listen with the same. At the age of 23 in 2010, and 292 lbs, she decided to have lap band bariatric surgery. She lost 60 lbs that first year and then slowly gained it all back, and then some, through her first pregnancy in 2015. Her weight had climbed to 320 lbs.

It was when she became a new mom that she decided things needed to change. It was in that decision that self-love and compassion was introduced — losing weight in a way that she could live her life. She stopped ignoring her lap band and had it removed in 2017. She then maintained her weight throughout her 2nd pregnancy and has since dropped 75 lbs and became the life and weight loss coach she now is.

Through thought work and mind management, she has learned to feel the fear and do it anyway. Thoughts are so incredibly powerful and she wants to help others let go of the shame from regain and move into emotional freedom — while losing the weight as a byproduct.

Follow along as she loses 160 lbs in public.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/changes_2b_fit
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ilanacharette
Website: www.whattheweightloss.com
Email: ilana@whattheweightloss.com

Our Conversation

This episode features Ilana Charette, a life and weight loss coach. Ilana and I first met during a Hudson Valley Women in Business retreat earlier this year. I was fascinated by her story and knew immediately that I wanted to interview her for the podcast.

Like many people, myself included, Ilana had struggled with her weight throughout her life, but it wasn’t until she had lap band surgery that didn’t work, that she really realized something else needed to change if she was going to lose the weight, for good. I’ll let her tell you the rest during the interview. 

In the show, we go into more than just her story of weight loss. We discuss the mental shifts needed to start actually making positive shifts in our lives, the power of the mind, what self love is and why it’s so invaluable, the concept of intuitive eating and how it’s helped Ilana to lose weight without dieting – and so much more. It’s a full episode, so stick around.

We cover:

  • Ilana’s history with weight/weight loss
  • Weight loss through intuitive eating
  • Self love and dignity
  • Why it’s so important to do simple things like keep a clean kitchen
  • How the brain works for changing behavior and mindset
  • The mental work that needs to be done for sustainable weight loss
  • and so much more.

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