Put a Fork In It!
Put a Fork In It!
24: Sunny Gandara, vegan lifestyle consultant, blogger, entrepreneur

About Sunny Gandara

Sunny Gandara

Sunny Gandara is a a vegan food and lifestyle consultant, certified wine educator and trained professional chef, with 25 years of experience in the food and wine industries, as well as in health & fitness, branding and international marketing. She works primarily with women, both on a personal level, or in a business setting.

As a certified health coach specializing in plant based nutrition, Sunny helps women adopt a vegan lifestyle through creating delicious plant based meals and showing them that a healthy, rewarding life can even include a glass of wine (or two). Her clients experience a massive personal and professional transformation as a result of a new diet, breaking free from conformed thinking and embracing a new lifestyle.

On the business side, Sunny works with female vegan entrepreneurs and businesses, who want to make a difference in the world utilizing their skills, interests and unique talents. Typically these are women in mid-life who have spent their whole life doing way they think others want them to do and now want support finding back to living a life that is 100% in alignment with their true values.

Sunny is also a passionate food blogger and is the author of the Norwegian food blog, Arctic Grub, where she veganizes classic, Scandinavian dishes.

She owns her multi-passionate personality and draws on her varied background through leading with food, fun, kindness and compassion.

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Sunny’s blog: Arctic Grub

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Our Conversation


Sunny and I first met through HV Women in Business, and I was intrigued when she introduced herself and mentioned that she helps people go vegan. 

I know what veganism is, but it had never occurred to me that someone could form a business around helping others go vegan.

On the episode, we discuss the basics of what it means to be vegan, the degrees that it can be taken to, some basic tips for those who want to get started or have friends/family members that are vegan, and Sunny’s new business helping restaurants veganize their menus. Sunny also has a blog about Norwegian food, where she adapts classic recipes from her upbringing to be vegan friendly.

I’m not a vegan, nor do I promote specific diets, but I wanted to hear more about her unique approach, and have a conversation about what it really means to be vegan – at least from one person’s perspective. And, eating more vegetables never hurt anyone (that I know of!).


In our conversation, we discuss:

    • the basics of veganism
    • the extreme sides of veganism and where Sunny stands
    • simple tips to add more veggies or eventually go vegan
    • how to adapt recipes to be vegan
    • Sunny’s decision to adapt her food blog to veganism, which focused on Norwegian food
    • how she helps clients to make changes toward veganism, whether individuals or restaurants
    • and so much more!

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