Put a Fork In It!
Put a Fork In It!
29: Stephen Osborn, Owner of Stoutridge Vineyard and Distillery

About Stephen Osborn

Stephen Osborn has worked for 35 years in the areas of bio-chemical and physical-chemical flavor production, specifically in the practices of winemaking and distilling. 

After completing studies in Biochemistry and Food Chemistry at Cornell University and Winemaking at UC Davis, he set about navigating his way towards a different practice of winemaking that would lead to a more accurate representation of the biochemical processes that create it’s flavors.

Currently the owner of Stoutridge Vineyard and Distillery in the New York’s Hudson Valley since 2003 with his wife Kimberly Wagner, he realized his dream of applying the principals he developed in natural winemaking toward distilling with the opening of Stoutridge Distillery in 2017.

Our Conversation:


We discuss:

    • How studying biochemistry led to a career in winemaking
    • What makes wine special versus other forms of alcohol
    • The beauty of mixing science with creativity and art
    • Learning to be introspective and self-aware
    • A little history about vineyards and wineries in the Hudson Valley, and the US in general
    • Analyzing the wine industry and changes that should be made
    • Science of wine flavors and its processes
    • Stephen’s journey discovering wine and finding land to build a vineyard
    • Stephen’s take on deception in the wine industry
    • What it takes to make natural wine, without additional processing or added ingredients, like sugar or sulfites
    • Why and how Stoutridge’s wine is a super local experience and can’t be had around the globe
    • The importance of “internal elegance” for living a fulfilled life
    • and so much more!


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