Put a Fork In It!
Put a Fork In It!
30: Shira Reback, Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Expert

About Shira Reback

Shira Reback, photo by Caylena Cahill / Co:Create
Shira Reback, photo by Caylena Cahill / Co:Create

Shira Reback is a multi-trepreneur whose focus is total body health and wellness. Shira is a Certified NASM Personal Trainer, Dental hygienist, co-owner ST3 Kickboxing, and Network Marketing Professional.

Shira’s background in healthcare and fitness provide her with a unique perspective on what works to keep clients and patients on a successful journey.

After multiple years in her dental practice, and in the fitness industry, Shira became frustrated by the lack of health solutions for her struggling patients and clients. She states, “In my dental practice, that I’ve been working over 20 years, I watched people slowly lose sight of their health, while adding medications that were directly correlated to the weight gain, due to poor nutritional habits and lack of nutritional knowledge.” 

While Shira made sound nutritional recommendations to her fitness clients, she often found the follow through and motivation to create a healthy attitude around nutrition challenging for them. The tools available were limited at addressing some core issues around what caused the unhealthy habits. Traditional programs do not deal with energy levels, lack of sleep, detoxification, sugar/salt addiction, time constraints for food prep, and lack of support. 

Shira’s discovery of nutritional cleansing was a huge game changer for her personal results, and as her clients started to notice changes in her, the program quickly took traction. The program addressed all of the above challenges, as well as healthy aging, muscle maintenance/building, energy, and sports performance, while using non-compromised ingredients. These products are Informed Sports Certified, and used by many professional athletes.

The amazing network of support has lead some of her clients to become leaders, and start motivating others to focus on their health goals as well. In this process, they have created a stream of residual income in the pockets of their time. This income has opened up many possibilities for those individuals. Shira coaches people across the country, and globally, to create physical and financial health for themselves.

Our Conversation:


We discuss:

    • How a career in dental hygiene led to a passion in total body health and wellness
    • Lifestyle diseases and learning to make better choices
    • Shira’s fitness journey
    • Why food has such a big impact on our health
    • Role of stress in health
    • Shira’s love for kickboxing and how it changed her life
    • What it’s like to own your own studio
    • The concept of “Energy”
    • The truth about Network Marketing
    • Dangers of unhealthy convenient food products
    • Supplements and health fitness products
    • Isagenix – what is it and why she loves it
    • and so much more!


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