Put a Fork In It!
Put a Fork In It!
33: Jamie Levato, Poughkeepsie Farm Project

About Jamie Levato

Jamie Levato, Education Director of Poughkeepsie Farm Project, is a certified teacher with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Education from SUNY New Paltz. Jamie has developed curriculum for, trained educators in, and led youth in, hands-on farm and garden-based learning. Under Jamies direction since 2010, PFPs education department provides enriching educational experiences for several thousand children, teens, and adults each year. Jamie has been gardening, cooking, and loving food since childhood and enjoys every opportunity to share her passions with like-minded individuals.


About Poughkeepsie Farm Project:

Poughkeepsie Farm Project is a member supported farm in the City of Poughkeepsie. They are on a mission to cultivate a just and sustainable food system in the Mid-Hudson Valley. They grow fresh vegetables and fruit for the CSA, train future farmers, provide hands-on educational programs, and improve access to healthy locally-grown food.

Poughkeepsie Farm Project began in 1999 as a small community farm with a commitment to education and food justice. During the first season, 15 CSA shareholders enjoyed produce from 3 acres of reawakened farmland leased from Vassar College.

Sixteen years later they have expanded to 12 acres and over 500 households take part in our CSA. They are leaders in cutting edge practices in today’s sustainable agriculture. They harvested 183,366 pounds of produce in 2015 and donated 34,555 pounds of it to those in need in our community. In addition to the work they do to bring our crops to harvest, we train and educate the community on healthy growing and eating practices year round.

Learn more about Poughkeepsie Farm Project – Website

Our Conversation:

We discuss:

    • What is the Poughkeepsie Farm Project?
    • Jamie’s background growing up and how it influenced her career
    • The beauty of community gardening
    • How does community gardening work?
    • Why “scripted” curriculums are inadequate for learning
    • “Garden clubs” – what are they and how they could work
    • What is the Poughkeepsie Urban Farming Initiative?
    • The motivation behind having and participating in agricultural programs in Poughkeepsie
    • What you can learn in agricultural programs
    • Improving Poughkeepsie’s potential for healthier food businesses and meaningful wage work.
    • What is the Farm-to-School Project ?
    • and so much more!

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