Dear Readers,

I’m so sorry to not have updated in about a month. It is not for a lack of things to write about – quite the contrary – I got very busy back home working. In fact I was even lucky enough to land a freelance article on local tourism. The article is not yet published, but as soon as it is, I will link it here.

Also I have been offered a 3 time only videographer job in NYC. It’s currently only tentative – only because I don’t like to say anything for sure until the contract is signed or the work already completed.

And – to top it all off – in less than a month (Sept. 26) I will be hopping a direct one-way flight from JFK in NYC to CDG in Paris – where I will pick up a train down to St. Etienne – my new home for the school year. I will be an English assistant in a French high school.

I also took a break because my hard drives were full so I had no more space for editing the next video I wanted to post – but now that situation is sorted out and I have a new internal and external drive!

So, time to get back into the blog and finishing my web site project.

Things are busy and looking up. I will still be blogging, as frequently as I can, and keep checking back for links to different freelance projects I may get.

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