1 STG Surprise

Yesterday I worked for the first time with a group of premier STG students, which I had heard was not an easy group. I was thus not too keen on it.

In fact I have just planned to make them introduce themselves and ask me questions about myself. I was slightly afraid that would not take the whole time, that they would not talk, etc.

I was happily surprised that they all (except one girl) were able to – and at least relatively enthusiastic – speak about themselves. The girl who did not talk didn’t because we ran out of time.

Sure they were not all attentive 100% of the time, but enough of them were sufficiently interested and capable that it worked. I’ve also found a new technique that helps: putting them in a circle; it seems to be more conducive to conversation then sitting in rows. I’m going to to that more often now.

1 ES Always good

Today I also had a successful lesson with the premier ES that I ‘ve had all year. They are all a relatively good class, and are mostly willing to participate.

I had them do a debate today on whether the Internet/social media is helping or hindering us in real life.

I separated the eight students into two sides and assigned each group either yes or no. I allotted them some time and then class debate/discussion opened up after.

They did not come out with many unique ideas on the subject, but at least showed that they know that it’s necessary to be careful about what you put online and who you talk to. I also learned a phrase, “se rincer l’oeil,” literally “to rince your eye out,” which apparently is what you say if you see something really attractive, like what we might describe as “eye candy.”

I wanted to show this video from Sonny Side Films, but we ran out of time (though it probably wouldn’t have been good anyway because I don’t have a projector, just my laptop.)


Secondes, up and down…

The group of seconds I had today is sometimes good and sometimes frustrating. It’s partially their level and partially the maturity level (14 and 15 year olds).

Today I tried a new tactic, trying to get them to realize I’m interested in their culture to — oh and of course I used the circle technique too. So I had each of them pic a famous person in French culture that they like, then describe them.

I took notes on the names that they gave and after we played a game, basically “20 questions” style. One person chose someone from the list, and the rest had to ask yes/no questions to figure out who it was.


Over all I’m feeling pretty good about teaching for the moment; I hope that feeling and this inspiration stays with me.

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  1. Mom

    I hope so too. Good Luck.

  2. Mom

    I just loved that video about social media. Thanks. Very moving. I highly recommend it. (But, maybe not to your classes, due to one particular page of the script.)

  3. Caylena

    They all know that word already anyway. It’s like their favorite word in English…

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