Now, I didn’t go to Middle Country schools, but I did start my love of French back in seventh grade when I took my first French class. I think it’s safe to say that my school’s French department changed my life.

I know, language classes, particularly French ones, are not for everyone. However, according to the NY In French website, “The French program at Middle Country has a consistent record of 100% passing on the Regents. For a school that is on the list of failing schools, why take away a successful program?” A great point, considering that students currently in French would be “forced” to move into Spanish or Italian classes, as it is required to take a language until Freshman year, according to a website made by Middle Country students/supporters.

On their site, the students/supporters point out that the cut is for a budget reason (as seen in this article), but they “just don’t see how the district can cut a language that is so important in today’s society.” They wrote, “A lot of people say that French is not a needed language because not many people speak it around here. … There are at least 35 countries that speak French.” French is a very important language in the world, with many nations using it as [one of] their official language[s], or a common spoken language within. It is useful not only in Canada and France, but also for people who are interested in Africa.

Clearly I could go on and on about the importance of languages, particularly French, but sometimes less is more. For those who follow my blog or know me in person, you all know how important French has been for me. It has allowed me to travel, to meet unforgettable people, build relationships I would not have otherwise had, and has helped me mature as a person. So if you can see this and support me, you’ll help me support Middle Country’s French department by:

-Visiting the student’s web site (listed above)
-Join the student created Facebook group Save Middle Country French
-Send a letter to the Board of Education (names and addresses given here)


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