This weekend I’ll be at the YMCA in Kingston, NY for the annual YMCA Arts Gala. Feel free to stop by Saturday 10-2pm. I’ll have work available for purchase/order.
Momentary Pauses
Thanks to everyone who came out at some point to Momentary Pauses! The show was up for three weeks at Barnes and Noble in Kingston.
Thanks to everyone who voted for me in RAWARDS 2011!!! It was a success, and now I am one of five photography nominees from NY. Ultimately one will be chosen for NY and then one for the country. Next step will be live voting at the special RAW showcase on November 17. As soon as I know more details, they will be posted. When they are, please spread around the details and come. I could use any support you can provide. 🙂
Show in New Paltz
I also have a show coming up in New Paltz at the Slash Root cafe on Main Street. It will be hanging for the month of November. The “opening” will be on November 19th, with refreshments in the afternoon and a band in the evening. When all the details are available, they will be here and on Facebook.
An Evening in Tuscany
These photos are complete. Please contact me if you wish to purchase a print or cd.
If you’re looking for photos…
If you’re looking for photos, either from Hudson Valley Click, or an event I shot at, or you want to hire me, contact me directly. If you have already worked with me, please contact me, but be aware that I am working on the images.

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