Opinion: Why Instagram photos cheat the viewer
I both agree and disagree. While it is true that hardcore editing (i.e. editing for dramatic effect rather than technical improvements like exposure/contrast/color correction) is unethical in news photography (photojournalism/documentary) and that the typical iPhone/”app photographer” has most likely not spent hours and hours learning the craft, some cell phone images (or otherwise amateur images) might be critical in situations where discretion is necessary (i.e. where huge dSLRs with a 70-200mm lens and an on camera strobe would be taken away or destroyed by ‘authorities’).
I think the real problem is partly in the instant editing, but also in the fact at how widespread and easily accessible photography (quality cameras) has become to the average user. This latter issue will never go away, but ethical journalists and the news media should challenge the status quo of the so called GNC (girl/guy with camera) or in this case the ‘app photographer’ by hiring someone who knows what they are doing and not expecting the every day person or the written journalist to be a jack-of-all-trades.
What’s your take?

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