Families still living in Stony Point Center, 2 months after the storm.Today I learned about the continued struggle to return to life as normal after Hurricane Sandy. Rockland County was hit pretty hard, as some of you may know, and the Stony Point Convention Center took in many of the survivors, housing them when they had nowhere else to go.
In the wake of the other tragedies facing our nation, particularly the shootings in Newtown, CT and in Western New York, as well as being in the midst of “the holidays”, it’s easy to forget about all the people STILL suffering from the storm.
Today I met a few families that are still living at the Stony Point Convention Center two months after the storm hit and took away their homes, jobs and hard-earned lives. It’s heart-breaking hearing their stories and seeing them feeling lost and not having anywhere to go – not getting any help from FEMA, they are faced with deadlines and confusion. Emotions were running high and some were almost in tears while we interviewed them.
If you care to learn more about this, please read the story and view the photos, and then share this so other people will know what is still happening and perhaps offer some kind of assistance.

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