As you may or may not know, I am participating in my second half-marathon this November – in Disney World.
Instead of running just for my own health and to prove to myself that I can – like my first one – I am running to honor and help those that are unable right now.
This means that I am raising money for the charity Sparrow’s Nest – based in Hopewell, NY – that puts food on the table in homes whose mothers are battling cancer. These mothers are going through a challenging time, not even knowing what will happen at the end of their treatments, or even at the end of the week. Sparrow’s Nest swoops in, saving the day, by at least allowing the families – and mothers – to know one thing for certain: “Dinner is served!”
My goal is $2850 by October 1. At the time of writing, I’ve currently raised $355.

Now, if everyone I’m connected to on Facebook were to contribute $3.23, it would be done. I know it’s not realistic to expect that to happen – so! I’ve decided to contribute some more value, to hopefully help make it a no-brainer to participate!

What to buy:

Already existing/ready to hang:
Order any of the pieces from the Perpetuity project for $65 + plus shipping. All $65 goes to the fundraiser. (all pieces are 5×7, mounted/laminated and ready to hang)
Order any of the larger pieces from Momentary Pauses for $100, 8×10 for $85, 5×7 for $65, 4×6 for $25 (all pieces are mounted)
Order any of the framed macro images for $250.
New Prints of any images from above projects:

11×14 $75
8×10 // 8×12 $45
5×7 $30
4×6 $15
Gift Cards:
Gift cards can be used towards prints/products, session fees, etc.
Even Exchange – ex. $100 donation, $100 gift card
(minimum $20)
Gift cards over $75 include a free 8×10 print when used
Session Fees – sessions booked by August 20th
All sessions in this category are done on-location, 90% of session fee goes to fundraiser, 10% goes to cost. 20% of any additional products or services purchased after shoot will be donated to Sparrow’s Nest.
25 Minute mini-sessions with free 5×7 print: $75 ($150+ value)
1 hour session with 2 free 5x7s print: $175 ($300+ value)

Email me at if you want to buy art, book a session, etc.

If you wish to contribute to the fundraiser on your own terms, you are welcome to donate at this link.

Thank you!

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