weight before and afterI have been going through old pictures to put together a new print portfolio for upcoming portfolio reviews in NYC. In the process I came across some old photos of myself. I began my “health journey” in 2011. It’s a lifelong battle. I’ve never posted a before/after collage before, but I made one today. It’s hard to realize how much I’ve lost, because I see myself every day. Putting on small size clothes (as opposed to XLs and larger) is one thing, but it takes seeing this to realize what the change actually looks like. The photo on the right is not an “after” photo. It’s a right now/current photo. This is a lifelong battle, one that I must continue to fight every moment of everyday. But seeing the transformation make me realize that losing weight and keeping it off is the ultimate example of conquering myself. It taught me so much about myself. It taught me one of the greatest life lessons: Give in to the process and results will come.

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