Turkey and avocado sandwich from Tryst, Adam's Morgan in Washington, DC. Food photography by  food photographer Caylena Cahill
Because the world is my office, or at least, anywhere with internet, I’m constantly on a search for the perfect place to work from. In this particular case, I got a recommendation for Tryst in DC, when I was there last summer for a few jobs. I loved it! The menu was just what I needed and the vibe too. I love the coffee shop feel – couches, people with computers, etc. – but when I go to these places, I’m often there for hours on end, and will at some point, need a meal that is more than a muffin, biscotti or bagel. Tryst hit the spot. This sandwich was delicious, the atmosphere was great, and I could even people watch a little, because the front opens out onto the street. It’s definitely in my list of places to return to.
With the photo, I wanted to capture more than just the sandwich. I wanted to show something cool – and I liked the big opening out the front.
Turkey and avocado sandwich from Tryst, Adam’s Morgan in Washington, DC. Photography © food photographer Caylena Cahill

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