Some new and exciting things are in store with CCP&M for 2017. Continue reading for more information!

Monthly Epic Mini-Sessions!

Newsflash! It’s 2017! Is this your year to:

  • get a promotion,
  • make a career jump,
  • start a freelance career,
  • grow your business,
  • give public speeches/workshops,
  • increase sales or
  • get that acting gig?

Well, it’s time to take the first step and check “get a headshot” off your to-do list.
If you’ve ever felt embarrassed by the photo you uploaded to LinkedIn, or sent for a press request/event promotion, it’s time. If you look 10 years older than your current image, it’s time. If there’s a creeping, cropped arm on your shoulder – you know what I’m talking about – in your promotional photo, it’s time.
Introducing the Epic Mini-Sessions. Each month, we will be hosting a set of private mini sessions, 2 levels available, with a limited number of sessions at each event. Starting January 23, from 5-9pm, 6 smart and successful people will have the opportunity to upgrade or refresh their bio photo.
Make 2017 the year you take bold actions to be, look and feel more confident, professional and successful.
Click here for more info.

CCP&M Photo-Centric Marketing Memberships!

Do you promote your business or services on social media, through email blasts, blogs or other online media? Of course you do!!
Do you ever struggle to come up with content and high quality photos to use to keep your content fresh? I feel your pain. It’s hard wearing all the hats in my own business, so I hear you.
Would you love to bring in a professional for all the dynamic and authentic moments, such as events, workshops, changing menu specials, new products, etc., in your business, but think it would be too expensive or look too posed?
Well, starting in January, we will be offering a multi-tiered subscription and consulting service which will allow you the flexibility, structure and strategy you are looking for in your ongoing promotions.
Not sure what to share? Not sure how to make quality photos in dark rooms? Don’t fret. Leave it to us, and we’ll get you the photos and photo-based content you need, delivered on time and with on message… so you can impress your audience and spend more time on what really matters to you. More information available upon request.

Photography Educational Services/Workshops!

Have you ever had to take photos for your business or as part of your day job and wished you knew how to do it better?
Well, starting in 2017, CCP&M is launching a new educational service called Accidental Creatives, for all you folks out there who are accidentally commercial photographers, whether for your own business, or in your marketing role at your job.
Accidental Creatives will offer multi-week group workshops (still in development), one-on-one tutoring and corporate trainings in DSLR based digital photography, covering the basics and selected advanced topics (catered to your needs) to create a strong foundation in photography. More information coming soon.
If you’d like more information about any of these options or want to stay in the loop, please contact Caylena.

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