Put a Fork In It!
Put a Fork In It!
26: Emily Kessler, chef using food as medicine

About Emily Kessler

Chef Emily Kessler

Emily Kessler is a chef and owner of Emily Kessler Inc., a company specializing in medically collaborative cooking.

After receiving a B.A. in Psychology with a certificate in Child Development, she started her culinary journey at the Institute of Culinary Education where she graduated with a degree in culinary arts. She then went on to hone her culinary skills at Blue Hill at Stone Barns and other NYC establishments including the James Beard House and Foundation.

Emily was inspired to start this culinary journey by her father who loves food, and happens to also be an incredible holistically based osteopathic physician, as well as by her sister who suffers from food allergies. She saw the difficulty her sister had finding safe food that was inventive and tasty. Emily was witness to the struggles of diet from the patients’ and doctors’ perspectives.

Emily Kessler Inc. was born to solve these problems for both the patients and doctors, and to bridge the gap between refined culinary cuisine and medically based diets.

Emily now specializes is cooking for people with food allergies and patients undergoing cancer treatment or suffering from autoimmune diseases. She also works with mothers to be who want healthful food designed for their personal dietary needs during and after pregnancy. Emily Kessler Inc. serves clients in the New York City area and all of Long Island.



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About Emily Kessler Inc.

Emily Kessler Inc is a Manhattan based company providing culinary services and consulting to New York City and the surrounding areas.

Website: Emily Kessler

Our Conversation:

Emily reached out to me about being on the show after seeing a post in the Facebook Toklas group for women in the culinary industry. I was quite intrigued by her approach to food and business.

Emily is more than just a trained chef, she is also the daughter of an osteopathic physician who has been in his own practice throughout the last several decades. (Stay tuned for a future episode actually featuring him, as well.) 

This upbringing in a physicians family, as well as some other interesting experiences around culinary school, food allergies and more led Emily to launch her own business in personal chef’ing and consulting to doctors and nutritionists. She approaches food as medicine, and helps people use food to have a more holistic approach to disease prevention and management, as well as healing and enjoying food in spite of allergies. It’s an interesting conversation for sure and we really dig in deep into her background. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

We discuss:

    • How Emily’s osteopathic physician father influenced her love and passion for food and the human body.
    • The relationship between what we eat and it’s effects on the immune system.
    • Pregnancy, Nutrition, and taking the pressure off of families.
    • How travel influenced new cooking techniques and ingredients, and it’s application to alternative food needs.
    • Creating safe food programs for children with food allergies.
    • How her psychology background influenced her culinary approaches.
    • How bacteria can play a positive role in the human body.
    • The truth about soy products
    • Starting at the “grassroots”, building a great business from scratch.
    • and so much more!

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