In spite of my last entry saying I spent all my time with my friend, on the first night I did have some time on my own – since he had a class in the evening. So I took advantage of my evening time alone by taking advantage of one of Vienna’s most famous cultural aspects – classical music!

So on my first night in Vienna I attended a concert of the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra at the Musikverein, a famous concert hall in town.

The concert was over an hour long and involved choir and solo singing with instrumentals. It was a beautiful performance and I enjoyed it in spite of my €6 standing room spot.

I can’t complain too much as I did not pay much and I got the ticket a few hours before the show, but it was really hot and uncomfortable. I spent most of the concert titling my head to the right and left trying to see over people’s shoulders and between their heads. I really hate being short because there is always a row of 6″ tall people a few rows in front of me.

Well, I took a few pictures, even though it was probably illegal.

organ pipes
Organ Pipes in the Wien Musikverein
windows and chandelier
Windows and Chandelier of the Wien Musikverein
close up of musicians
Close-up of musicians in the Wien Symphonic Orchestra at the Wien Musikverein
Wien Symphonic Orchestra
Wien Symphonic Orchestra in the Wien Musikverein on Thurs, June 10, 2010

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