I admit, I was a little worried last week when I heard there would be a nationwide strike in France today. And in spite of having experienced French strikes in Paris, I did not know exactly what to expect.

So, this morning, I got up, got ready like normal, and rode in the car with my roommates, knowing only that we should expect it to be “a day of movement,” as one of the English teachers put it.

I had wondered if there would be students if there should be a strike, and the same teacher told me, “well that is the question, isn’t it.” He said sometimes the students block the school,to participate in the strike.

Well, we arrived this morning to find understand what it means to “block” the school; all but one entrance to the school was literally blocked – with wood … and students. The students stayed outside the school and only a few entered to go to classes.

Personally, I had no students in my first class and now I am in the school waiting for my other class at 4pm, for which I have no clue whether or not I will have any students.

I hear the strikes are going to continue through the week in transportation but not in education, though one never really knows.

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  1. Sister

    OMG that’s so crazy!!! What are the strikes even for?!

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