Back in August I was commissioned for a freelance article in a local publication called, Sojourn. It has been published now. Following is a short intro and then the following link is to the article.

Outside the window, the sun shines onto glittering snow, while a whooshing sound causes the white powder to poof into the air.

The picturesque vision and bright sun are misleading, but once you are outside and feel the gusts of whipping winter wind scraping at your cheeks, you remember today’s sub-zero temperatures.

Instead of succumbing to dreams of re-entering the house to cuddle by the fireplace with hot cocoa, you scurry to the car, blasting the heat. You know you will survive the frigid air with your fluffy coat, soft scarf, and warm hat and mittens. But what’s really comforting is the realization that everything you are doing today is indoors. The Mid-Hudson Valley is of full of fun and unique indoor activities, many of which are great for the kids, too!

The Great Indoors

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