Caylena Cahill Photography Exhibit @ Raw: NY
My exhibit at RAW: NY's showcase at La Pomme in NYC.

(All of these photographs are mounted to black foam core and are available for sale.)
A BIG, HUGE THANKS to everyone who made this possible!
Text from the sign:
by Caylena Cahill
While eavesdropping on a guide at my last group show, I heard a quote that has stuck with me: “Some photographs are not meant to be understood, but felt.” (It may not be exact, but it’s the gist.) I feel these words capture the essence of much of my current work.
Some people feel that photography must send a message – but, as we can see from this quote, not all images aim to transmit precise messages, seeking rather to elicit an emotional response.
The images I’ve decided to show here represent a wide scope of work, both from specific projects and not. These photos were literally taken all over the world – in places as far apart as Ithaca, NY to Paris, France and Warsaw, Poland – over the last 5 years. Ask me where and when, and I can tell you (at least approximately).
In choosing for the show, I aimed to find a group of photos which would best capture my current “artistic vision” and sentiments towards life and my work. While editing, I worked with a few major ideas in mind – drama, in/out of context, abstraction – in order to show overarching concepts I attempt to attack through my creative process. In that, we have some abstractions, some over-dramatic, and some “stereotypical photography.” Then, after choosing, I juxtaposed the images into diptychs, triptychs, or quads for emphasis.
When viewing, don’t search – just let yourself go.
RAW: Natural Born Artists
Read about my experiences leading up to the event here: The Pre-Raw Experience

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