Alright you mysterious search engine TAPIF folk, I notice you often search for information regarding putting your TAPIF experience on your resume. However, I do not have any entries on this topic and you fail to leave commentary, thus the basis of your search eludes me and I am incapable of providing assistance in solving your search queries. So, here. Now. Please comment and ask your question. Please comment on your TAPIF/Resume concern. Perhaps I can help guide you or answer your questions.

Go on, don’t be afraid. Don’t be another “bounce” on my site. Join this conversation, put in your two cents. You may get something back that you did not expect.

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  1. natalie

    Hey! So, this very question is what sent me to your blog…. and I immediately recognized your name, because I am this year’s assistant at François Mauriac. I sent you an email last summer and never heard back! Anyway, I’m trying to figure out the resume thing and would love any tips on what details to include…. and would love to compare notes on your experience in Andrézieux, especially while I’m still in the middle of it. Shoot me an email if you’re willing to share info!

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