2011 was a big year for CC Photo and Media! I just want to extend a thanks to everyone who had some part in the successes of the past year! You all know who you are! Pat yourself on the back and take an extra swig of Champagne!!
2011 allowed for much new creation and many, many new photos. I adopted new styles, attempted new techniques and got some new gear. Technology in the photo industry has improved so much and I am adapting.
2011 was a big year for expositions too! Starting at the Printemps de la Photo in St Genest Lerpt, and finishing up with my solo show at Slash Root in New Paltz, and everything between – including RAW! What an amazing experience.
With 2011 came much travel and many new relationships and alliances – whether in France, Europe in general or back here in NY. Hudson Valley Click became a great source of friends, knowledge and creativity!
With all the fun and great experiences – along with the trials and tribulations of the year, 2011, all in all, was fantastic!
With all of this positive energy from the successes, I am excited for what is to come in 2012. I wish everyone the best and have a fun, safe, healthy and fabulous new year!

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