Portfolio Reviews

Person at Javit's Center
Last week, I attended the recent portfolio reviews at the PDN Photo Plus Expo in NYC. It was an interesting experience, where I was able to meet and show work to photo editors, creative directors, consultants and even a photographer’s rep/agent.
In preparation for this important event, I worked with a photography consultant to put together a print portfolio book. The process of creating a book was a bit stressful, but it worked out in the end.
On Wednesday last week, I took the train to NYC, where I started the experience by attending a marketing seminar hosted by the ASMP of NY, with presenations by industry pros, Kat Dalager and Suzanne Sease – both of whom I’d seen in other online presentations previously.
That was a really interesting event that gave all the most useful marketing tips and secrets that are necessary for building a portfolio and understanding our photography prospects, in the advertising and editorial side of the spectrum.
The next two days, I treated myself to some NYC bagels for breakfast, before heading to the Javits Center for my appointments.
At the event, I showed my book of food and travel photography to photo editors from magazines such as Bon Appétit and Budget Travel and creative directors from advertising agencies. I’m super excited to report that my work was well received, and I was asked by all my reviewers to stay in touch and send updates of new work!
As I’m super proud of this book, I’d love to share it with you, so if you are interested in seeing it, there is different work in it than is on my website, so please feel free to email me and set up a meeting to see it!

Photography at the French Embassy

In other recent news, I also traveled to Washington, DC as the official photographer for a special conference at the French embassy. The event, hosted by the Délégation Générale de l’Alliance Française, brought together participants from all North American locations of the Alliance Française – an organization that promotes French language and culture throughout the world.
This was really an awesome experience, because everything about it took place in French! I used my French skills in every stage, from introduction, proposal, meeting, during the event, and invoicing.
It’s really cool to know that my French is good enough to use in business!

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