I’m so excited to share my recent work for Hudson Valley Magazine! They sent me to 8 different bars/restaurants throughout the mid and upper Hudson Valley to do drink photography and capture bartenders at work!
At each location, I was tasked with photographing several things, including interiors/exteriors, drink “beauty shots,” action shots of the bartender making the drinks, and portraits of each bartender, both with and without the drinks.
This was no simple feat, 8 shoots in the span of a week, with distances varying 70+ miles – but I got it done!
Each shoot lasted between 90 minutes and 3 hours, depending on a number of factors.
My approach was similar in each location. I spoke with the bartender first about the drinks to be featured and learned about his process, the ingredients and so forth. Then, we worked together to get “the shot” for pouring, shaking and so on. I really challenged myself to see each image in a new way and find different lighting and perspective opportunities.
When it came to detail shots and interiors, I looked for elements that defined the character of the places, as well as overall images.
With portraits, I try to show something unique about the location, and about the person. When I photograph people, I’m always having a conversation with them and sometimes invite other people who are around to join in, that way we can get an authentic expression – a real moment!
Check out the images of the magazine spreads below, and if you have a chance, check it out in person!
Locations featured include: Parish Restaurant, New Paltz, NY; Gardiner Liquid Mercantile, Gardiner, NY; Henry’s At The Mill (Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa), Milton, NY; Brasserie 292, Poughkeepsie, NY; Stockade Tavern, Kingston, NY; The Local, Rhinebeck, NY; Wm Farmer & Sons, Hudson, NY; and Speakeasy518, Albany, NY.

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