Back in the summer when I was essentially out of work, since Target was really unreliable and basically just pretending to want to give me hours, I started trying to find writing jobs.

I ended up with one freelance job with a local publishing company (Luminary Publishing based in Kingston, NY) for one of their publications, Sojourn. The article, “The Great Indoors,” appeared in the Fall/Winter edition. I wrote an entry here about it too.

I bring this up because after this article, I essentially completely forgot about searching out freelance writing until this month, mostly due to distraction from moving to France, and also my writing here.

Well recently I’ve been doing research on freelance writing and trying to find places where I can do it.

So I was on, a great resource all writers should know about, looking for telecommuting writing jobs – since it’s a site mostly for the States.

I ended up finding some pretty promising prospects and decided to apply. Today I have a story of success. I am now a writer at So, any articles I write there, I will link to here, since I’m not technically allowed to double post.

If any readers have suggestions on anything (e.g. subjects to write on, places to score more writing gigs, etc) feel free to leave comments. 🙂

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