Today I wanted to share a little about this image from my “Newburgh Project.” It’s called, “NBNY”.
I first moved to the city of Newburgh in May 2019 – and everyone in my life who didn’t already live here thought I was crazy. This city has a reputation. But, I new there was more here than that and as I walked around my new city, I was determined to be part of changing that reputation. Armed with my phone camera – “The best camera is the one you have with you!” – I began capturing and sharing images of things/places I found beautiful in the city. I love to find ways to capture images looking through things, or having unique foreground and background elements to play with depth and context. This image was taken inside a bakery called “The Flour Shop” – one day I was there eating breakfast and was intrigued by the letters in the window combined with the quintessential “historic Newburgh” architecture on the other side of the street. I decided this should be black and white to focus on the shapes of the letters as silhouettes and the different textures… Plus it brings me back to my roots on 35mm black and white film. (Who doesn’t love a good black and white photo?) It all feels very iconic to me.

More of this project can be seen here.

Prints of this piece can be ordered here.

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