About 2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to show my work at the Newburgh Mercantile Gift and Frames shop in Newburgh, as part of the city’s annual “Newburgh Open Studios” tour. The event goes on all weekend, every year on the last weekend of September. It’s my third time participating. It’s a great opportunity to get out there and showcase what I’ve been working on and to meet people and make new connections in the community. This year I showed some work from the Newburgh Project, as well as some framed works from my travels in Europe and Hawaii. On the flip side, I showed some prints from Hawaii, Peru and my street art/grunge bodies of work. See below for a live recap video and photos of the installation.



All the pieces mounted to foam, standing out from the wall, are from the Newburgh Project – a series of works captured around the city of Newburgh, in an attempt to share the beauty that is here and work to change the reputation of this city.



Some of the framed works are from my travels in Europe, particularly, in France and Italy. While I took a lot of images on those trips, the architecure definitely stood out to me, and my appreciation for serendipitous moments as well. These were all from travel done between 2009 and 2011.



During the last year, I have done considerable travel, between trips to Colombia (July 2021), Hawaii (December 2021) and Peru (April 2022). I’ve included several prints from the Hawaii and Peru trips. These too trips included extensive hiking. While I also have photos from cities in Peru, I’ve chosen here to show some of the amazing variety of natural landscapes in that country.



When walking around cities, of course I love to find serendipitous and classicly beautiful views and interesting street moments, but I am also inspired and entertained by street art, both in terms of murals and other graffiti, as well as what has been left behind – which I call “grunge.” Sometimes they are old advertisements, posters or street art with an interesting juxtaposition, but eitherway, I notice them and they seem to intrigue me – creating artwork of its own. I love to collect hearts, messages about “love” and apparently, faces.


Check out my live recap video below and then browse the collection here. If you happen to see this before October 14, 2022 and want to make a purchase, use code openstudios at checkout to save 20%. 🙂