Put a Fork In It!
Put a Fork In It!
PAFII Episode 10: Chris Short, Digital Marketing and Video Production Strategist, DragonSearch

About Chris Short

Chris Short
Chris Short, Digital Marketing and Video Production Strategist for DragonSearch, courtesy photo

This episode features Chris Short, the Digital Marketing and Video Specialist for DragonSearch in Kingston, NY.

He utilizes his experience in traditional video and streaming production to develop innovative content for semi-professional sports teams, cutting edge technology companies as well as non-profit organizations, and food businesses. While staying ahead of emerging technology trends, he has been able to ensure brands are broadcasting their message effectively across a variety of digital platforms. By curating stories that evoke emotion and drive engagement, he combines technology with storytelling that resonates with audiences across today’s multimedia driven landscape.

For over 20 years Chris has also worked with large scale industrial manufacturing teams, and mid-size corporations, educating others in the aspects of complex communication. This experience gives him the skills to identify how individuals learn and share knowledge effectively and how that shared knowledge strengthens individual work teams and businesses alike. By bridging this experience into today’s digital marketing landscape he is able to advise and guide companies in identifying their brand voice in a noisy and congested digital space.

And, with solid experience in training module development, LMS management and educational workshop/seminar delivery, he has researched and designed several multimedia educational packages utilizing video production and e-learning which improved training effectiveness and information retention for hundreds of students. With this training, the managers, equipment operators and technical maintenance teams I have worked with have become stronger and more confident.

Get in touch: DragonSearch | Chris’s Twitter | Chris’s Instagram

Our Conversation

Chris and I met at one of his presentations, “Marketing without the Mullet,” which he gave a few months ago for the New Paltz Chamber.

I was struck by the material in his presentation. It’s always fascinating how much more there is to learn about marketing and social media, even when you’re nose deep in it for your own business and clients.

His ideas and experience really caught my attention, and his approach to being a “student of people” really humbled me, being at a way earlier stage in my career then he is.

In our conversation, we expanded on some of the topics from the seminar, and dove into some specifics of his background, as well as discussing marketing, social media and more.

Some areas we explored are:

  • The importance of the “why” behind the “what”
  • How you go from working “on the line” manufacturing semiconductors to being a digital marketing specialist
  • Why people crave leadership and how to build trust that engages
  • How to use your personality type to excel in a team environment or improve synergy in team dynamics by putting people in the right positions
  • Turning big ideas into practical and useful information and steps
  • How to get people engaged in your brand message and company culture
  • The basics of networking and building valuable relationships – Or “bringing the URL to IRL”
  • Strategies for building bridges and communicating effectively across cultures
  • Why food businesses, restaurants and small businesses need to embrace digital marketing, websites and social media
  • A basic strategy/approach for digital marketing for restaurants and small food businesses
  • How to use social media as a “broadcast mechanism” rather than a “safe harbor”
  • The types of content that resonates with the current audiences
  • The influence of quality imagery when building a brand through digital marketing
  • How to use brand ambassadors and user generated content
  • How to get started on social and find your voice and audience
  • The “secret three questions” to becoming successful and reaching any goal
  • How bridge the gap from social media to actual, paying customers
  • And so much more!

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