On my last day in France, I visited the Château d’Ecouen which has the Musée National de la Renaissance.  It is in a town neighboring Domont, which is where I stayed with a friend of my former host.

It was an interesting place because the architecture was clearly historical and inside they had all sorts of things relating to the renaissance. Some of the rooms had pieces of other renaissance style buildings – just architectural details. Other rooms had metalwork, some had armor, and there was a huge section, which was practically the length of one of the sides of the château that held 10 tapestries that all were part of the same series telling the same story. The tapestries easily went from floor to ceiling and were wider than they were tall. Remember this is a château – so high ceilings.

On the top floor there were some rooms with old jewelry and a room with ceramics, tiles, and another long room with glass work!

Overall the place was pretty cool. In the gardens outside there were some faux renaissance replica buildings – which Véronique said was part of a show that the place uses as a tourist attraction.

Here are a few pictures of things I found interesting:

It's apparently a watch...

I finished up that day by taking the train into Paris and visiting my friends Alix and Bertyle. I met up with Alix, helped her find a hat to go with a dress she bought for a wedding, and then we found Bertyle and went into a bar.

They both commented – and for that matter, so did my former host when I visited with her – that my accent in French had changed and that it was less noticeable. Also I noticed I was much more at ease when listening and contributing to the conversation with Alix and Bertyle than I was last year. Alix tends to talk really fast and I used to have a hard time understanding, but this time it was like magic and I just understood! I don’t know what changed.

In any case, it was a nice ending to 5 days in Paris.

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