One of the wonderful things about any city, but Barcelona in particular, is the great wealth of unique and interesting entertainment available.

Barcelona has just about everything you could think of to offer, I’m pretty sure. At least anything you wanted that is relevant to Spanish and Catalan culture: concerts, flamenco, theater, street performers, etc.

During my most recent time in Barcelona I had the  opportunity to attend a lovely and inspiring Spanish guitar concert. The performer, Xavier Coll, made a sort of tour of the history of Spanish guitar music and played a few songs on each era’s guitar. The concert, which was in the Basílica Sta. María del Pí, was part of a series with other artists and locations, with different prices available for students/youth/seniors/adults.

No one seemed to have a problem with photos or video recording, so I have the pleasure of offering you a video with samples of each instrument below. The video is completely recorded and edited by me, however creative content within (i.e. the music) is not mine.

I find these types of music awe-inspiring and would definitely recommend seeing a concert of this type if you ever get the chance. The music really is magical when you hear it live and in person. Especially when it is an official event and not someone playing on the street, not that they are necessarily poor musicians.

Anyway, enjoy the video.

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