Barcelona is another place, like Montmartre in Paris, that really inspires me and my photography. It’s a place where I always have a good time and find unique things and unique experiences.

When I think about Barcelona a few key ideas come to mind, in no particular order: fun, beauty, inspiration, architecture, opportunity, culture, people.

The city has different neighborhoods, and with each different neighborhood there is different culture, architecture, and people. There is so much diversity in these aspects and of course there are tons of tourists adding to the mix.

The city has too much to write about in one blog entry. Architecture of Gaudí, narrow cobble-stone streets, artwork of Dalí and Picasso, the beach, crazy mimes and street performers, authentic and tourist trap flamenco, Spanish guitar music, and Catalan language – which is a strange combination of Spanish and French. There really is something for everyone.

Below are some pictures, not of much of what is listed above, but it is an example of how I see Barcelona.

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