I had already been to Barcelona once before, but I decided to go back because I had fallen in love.

Well, because I’d been there before, I actually did not know what I wanted to do – as I’d visited most/all of the main tourist attractions already – and it was supposed to rain.

I decided I would go to museums that I had yet to visit, so I went to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, which is in a huge palace. This museum comprises everything from gothic art to contemporary art, so everyone will probably find something that they like since it covers practically every era.

My favorite part was actually the temporary exhibition at the time (It’s actually still up until some time in September, so if you find yourself in Barcelona, check it out): “Prague, Paris, Barcelona. Photographic Modernity from 1918 to 1948”.

This exposition had several sections with different types and uses for photography during the period. It showcased artists like Man Ray, Brassaï, François Kollar and Germaine Krull and others. According to the web site, the exhibition’s objective was to compare the avant-garde photography in Paris and Prague to what was happening in Catalonia.

I loved the exhibition and the several Salvador Dalí quotations about photography (from Photography, Pure Creation of the Mind)  that introduced each theme. Some of the themes included: photography and light, photographic representations of the body, advertising, and more.

I didn’t take any photographs of the exhibition, but I have some pictures from the building:

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