My photo on Newsday NY Restaurants - Cover
Last week I had the pleasure of shooting out at Billy Joe’s Ribworks on the Newburgh waterfront! Newsday was doing this story about places in the Hudson Valley to eat good food and listen to great live music! At Ribworks I not only witnessed a full house of people enjoying lots of ribs, but also got to see the kitchen and the smokers to capture how they are prepared – in a rotisserie heated by fire. After feeling the heat and learning about the process, I saw as the “ribworkers” pulled the tables and chairs out of the way for the night’s entertainment.
The restaurant/bar has a large deck area next to the river and a room next to that which opens to be an indoor/outdoor space depending on the weather. The stage was set up in there, because there were thunderstorms in the forecast. Once the band set up, I enjoyed the sounds of Brooklyn/Long Island based group Hollaback, who played a few sets on the indoor/outdoor stage. They mostly or all covers, but it’s a mixed bag – everything from “I Want You To Want Me” to more modern rock and even some other genres. Overall, a fun mixture of sounds.
Enjoy the article here and my photo gallery here.
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